Let me start off by saying that I’ve come to the point where I hate the word “diversity.”  When I worked in the Los Angeles Dependency Court in the 90s, we were subjected to lunchtime speakers who lectured us about diversity – blacks, women, Native Americans, gays – you name it and we had to listen to overpaid lecturers who made a living out of creating problems where there were none.

Fast forward to 2017 and here’s an actual letter I found in our local newspaper a few months back printed after the election:

“It has been said that politics is local.  Here’s how last week worked for our family and friends:  My stepson and his wife have very deliberately ensured that their children’s circle of friends reflects diversity in the color of skin and cultural background.  Now, our 7-year old granddaughter is extremely fearful that she will lose her friends because they will have to leave the country….”  (Emphasis added.)

I come across some really whacky letters to the editor in our local newspaper but this one has to be on the top of the list.

How actually does this stepson “very deliberately” ensure his children’s circle of friends reflects diversity?  Are the children required to fill out a “friend application” and then make an appointment to be interviewed?  Or are this child’s friends selected based on outward appearances rather than their inner characteristics?

Does this mean that out of ten friends, this 7-year old can’t have more than a certain number of white friends? Black friends? Native American friends?  Asian friends?

If an extra child in a particular category shows up at their doorstop, do they say, “Sorry, she’s got a Hispanic friend already; that category is filled.”

Has the child’s parents set a quota as to how many female friends vs. male friends she can have?

Does she look at her checklist and see how many Asian friends she has before she befriends another Asian?  Oops, sorry, can’t be friends with you because I already have three Asian friends.

Have we gotten to a point where our friends are our friends because of a foolish misguided attempt at affirmative action?

And why’s a 7-year old “extremely fearful” that she’ll have to lose her friends because they’ll have to leave the country?  Who’s teaching her this garbage?  I have yet to hear about one person from our community being deported.

(It’s as ridiculous as the statement I overheard at the gym the day after the election. After a woman completed her tirade against Mr. Trump, expletives and all, she said she told her lesbian daughter, whose wedding was planned for August, to get married by a justice of the peace immediately because after January 20th, she won’t be able to get married.  Now, how stupid was this woman?)

Getting back to the 7-year old, the only thing she should be fearful about is whether or not her toe nail polish matches her flip flops or whether she’ll be able to watch her favorite movie on the weekend.  Maybe she can worry about what she wants for her upcoming birthday, but that’s about it.

I’ve always thought the best friends are those who have similar morals and values and are basically decent human beings.  To me, that’s most important.  Who cares if they’re gay, straight, black, white, Asian, etc. If they don’t have a problem with lying, stealing or infidelity, I say good-bye.  Period.  I want people in my life who are positive and caring.

I feel very sorry for this little 7-year old.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

  • Ron F

    You can find nutty views anywhere. I am just surprised it was printed. I doubt it has had any influence or if it does, she was just preaching to the choir.

  • chief

    I live and worked in the Pacific Northwest and found many liberal folk who actually have this kind of view of life. You find them referring to ” my gay friend” or “my African American friend.” It’s important to identify their friends by race, creed or color. I am always wary of people like that; seems they are collecting icons rather than friendships.

  • LeonaSalazar

    Thanks, Chief. I, too, have a friend, in particular, who has for the past ten years referred to someone as “he’s gay” as if who he has sex with has anything to do with the reference to him in our conversation.

  • RandyM

    Our four kids knew what kind of friends my wife and I expected them to have when they were growing up….. and it had absolutely nothing to do with diversity. It was about morals, values and character. We didn’t choose their friends but if they started down the wrong path, we were there to ‘parent’ them back in the right direction.

  • sgtstriker

    Three words that work to destroy this country…,
    “Diversity” “Tolerance”, and “Multiculturalism”. If, as you suggest, you simply look for people, any people, who are positive and caring you need not ever bring up any of these words…
    Progressives tend to describe all of these differences to us and in doing so label groups as “different”. If they would JUST STOP with all of their rhetoric we might not be constantly looking at, or for, differences…..

  • sgtstriker

    Exactly! There was a time when what you did in the bedroom was not up for public discussion. Now it’s a badge of honor and a route to benefits to bring up your bedroom antics, particularly if they are other than heterosexual… Bizarre…
    We can’t get through a day without hearing something about LGBTQ and/or gender dysphoria…. I don’t care to hear about it!

  • Libby

    Amen. As a former public school teacher, we had to listen to people who had not (if ever) taught in years. They did make money from this dribble. The worst was the class I had to take on diversity in which we found that no white person received an “A.” To add more, we had to “renew” our credit every three years.
    The thing that bothered us the most was the fact that we did not see our students as black, white, red, or yellow. We saw them as people and treated them with respect. Classes like this made us seethe.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    Perfect belongs to the Lord. Good belongs to Human Beings.
    The United States has been a good country for a very, very long time. Now there are Democrats and Groups that want to change it. Usually, they want the changes to give them more ‘weight’ in our society. Because we are not voting as a nation, I think they might achieve their goal which would be very bad for a really good country.