photo lesbian cake toppersOregon baker, Aaron Klein, owner of Sweets Cakes by Melissa, recently said he was living in accordance with his religious beliefs when he declined to make a lesbian couple their wedding cake.  As you can imagine, so-called liberal tolerance doesn’t extend to Mr. Klein.

I’ve read numerous articles so far and all have discussed the potential violation of Oregon state law vs. U.S. Constitutional law, and on and on and on.  I don’t practice that kind of law so I’m not going to express an opinion about the legalities of their actions, but I didn’t read anything that said Mr. Klein refused to serve this couple.  They could buy anything he sold; he just wasn’t selling same-sex wedding cakes.

But, I’m more interested in the “people” part of the story.

I first heard about this situation on my local radio station and all four hosts of the show talked about the bakery owner’s “hatred” of gays.  Well, I watched the video of the baker, and I heard nothing “hateful” in his speech.  Like myself, he doesn’t agree with “gay marriage,” so why is that hateful?  I’m not a homophobe and I don’t fear or hate homosexuals.  I don’t wish them harm; I don’t think they should be banished from society.  I believe in traditional marriage that has been in place for thousands of years and I have not seen, read or heard one argument that has changed my mind.  It’s that simple.  There’s nothing hateful about it.

Mr. Klein is a Christian and the video of him in his bakery and the store’s décor support that fact.  Obviously, the man lives his faith.  So, I have to wonder if his was the only bakery in Oregon or did the couple set their sights on him anticipating his refusal and an opportunity for publicity.  I have no idea if these two women are activists or not.  But I believe that most people wake up in the morning and say, “I wish I didn’t have to go to work today” but there are others who wake up with a purpose and say, “I’ve got a cause to fight for.”  I have to question the women’s motivation since gay marriage is not legal in Oregon.  So why aren’t they buying their cake in the state where they’re getting married?  I don’t get why they would want to buy a cake in Oregon and get married somewhere else?  I’ve never heard of such a thing.

I’ve known dozens of brides-to-be in my life and not one of them, while preparing for their weddings, had the time to do anything other than make preparations for their upcoming weddings.  Yet, it seems like the fiancée of the person who was refused the cake, had the time to write to the Oregon State officials to complain about Mr. Klein’s refusal to bake the cake for their wedding.

What’s most alarming to me from a “people” perspective is the hatred of Mr. Klein by those that don’t agree with him.  Unfortunately, the hypocrisy is as predictable as my being called a racist because I disagree with President Obama’s policies.

Here’s a perfect example.  Yelp is a website for people to post their own reviews of restaurants, bakeries, service providers, etc.  I’ve posted reviews on Yelp and I’ve also checked the website before trying out a restaurant.  I find it very helpful.  Just check out some of the one-star comments recently posted on Yelp in response to this story.  Clearly, the people posting the one-star comments have never been in the store but are now punishing these owners for their beliefs.

So, as I’ve concluded in numerous articles, liberals will allow people to have their beliefs so long as those beliefs agree with their own.

I actually get this – that’s the only way the liberal agenda has been able to progress as far left as it has.  Most people with a “cause” will get the most traction because they’re willing to be the proverbial “squeaky wheel” while the rest of us just want to live our lives.  When we do speak up – and not enough of us do – we’re shot down by being called racist, homophobic, hater, sexist, biased, close-minded, old-fashioned, and/or ignorant.  Yeah, so much for liberal tolerance.




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  • RandyM

    Yep, you are absolutely correct. Their game plan is “in your face” intolereance all the way. And it goes way beyond the gay activist agenda. It’s everything liberals shove in the collective face of ordinary Americans, Christians, gun-owners, whatever: “Be tolerant as I say, not intolerant as I do.”

  • chief98110

    I love the the fact that this gay couple wanted him to bake their wedding cake in a state that does not recognize gay marriage, right! They had Mr. Klein in their “Liberal” sights because of their hatred for his beliefs.
    We, however must be tolerant of their beliefs and life styles or risk being called, haters, bigots or homophobes. It is easy to pick on us because outside of sports and the weather, controversy is something we find aberrant. The other aspect is apathy, most of us just don’t care about their issues because we we have our own issues: we need to get up go to work and support our families and churches. We don’t have the luxury of sitting around and wondering who doesn’t like us.
    I challenge this activist couple to go to Iran and fight for Gay rights!

  • Tom

    As a recruiter years ago I used to ask applicants, both male and female, how they would react if on their first day at work their supervisor said “go make a fresh pot of coffee”. Many of the female applicants would go into “lecture” mode about gender stereotypes, “I didn’t go to college to make coffee”, etc. The best answer was from a young lady who said “I’d quickly and cheerfully make a fresh pot of coffee…but when he tasted it he would never ask me to do that again.”

    If I was the Oregon baker I would get my deposit, then quickly and cheerfully make the cake.

  • Ron F

    If it is alright for people who support the bakery owner to speculate on the motives of the couple ordering the cake, it is just as legitimate for the supporters of the gay couple to speculate on the motives of the business owner. If his religious views disapporved of interratial marriages, would it be acceptable for him to not sell a wedding cake to a interratial couple. Apparently he violated the laws of Oregon. His business is a place of public accommodation and he discriminated against a gay couple. He would not sell them a wedding cake but he would sell a wedding cake to a heterosexual couple. It doesn’t matter if he would sell the gay couple anything but a wedding cake. He still would not sell them a wedding cake. If two divorced people wanted to get a wedding cake, would he first make sure the divorces were for thebiblical accepable reasons for divorce? I have no problems with laws that state that if you are a business, open to the public, you cannot discriminate based on sexual preferences. Finally, I am not sure you can make a generalization about liberal intolerance based on this one incident just like I do not believe liberals generalizations about conservatives social views.