Not only did I have to suffer through President Obama’s second inauguration last week, but Tuesday marked the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.  Since that decision in 1973, our country has sanctioned the killing of over 55,800,000 million babies.

There is very little common ground between pro-choice people and pro-life people like myself.  While there are some folks who are pro-life yet find a few exceptions which makes abortion okay, for me, abortion is murder, so there are no exceptions.  But that’s just me.

If you’re already pro-choice, I’m not going to convince you otherwise.  It is what it is.  But what I don’t get is the “celebration” of Roe v. Wade which is depicted in this video.

First of all, I had no idea who Mehcad Brooks is and after checking on IMDB, there’s a reason I didn’t have a clue who this guy was.  I’ve never seen one show he’s been in.  Secondly, when I started watching it, I had no idea what he was talking about but as the video went on, the whole thing was creepy.  His whole demeanor was shkeevy and when he finally announced “Happy 40th Anniversary” and the closing words, I was absolutely appalled.

Many won’t agree with me and, like I said, we’re never going to meet somewhere in the middle, but to actually put out a video “celebrating” the death of over 55 million babies is unbelievably disgusting.

Whether the abortion issue involves morality, science or spirituality, have anyone even considered the economic aspect?  How many times a week do we hear about Social Security going bankrupt?  Where there were 42 workers per retiree in 1940, 4.9 workers by 1960, today, there are just 2.8 workers per Social Security recipient and that number will fall to 1.9 by 2035.  The economics of abortion alone is staggering.

I have no idea who produced this video but Mr. Brooks should be ashamed of himself.  The whole thing is so sleazy I can’t even imagine how someone could come up with an idea like this.  Perhaps Mr. Brooks is celebrating the freedom to have unprotected sex whenever he wants without any consequences knowing that abortion is an easy way out of a lifetime of parenting and being a responsible father.

It’s certainly one thing to be pro-choice (although I don’t get it) but it’s another thing to “celebrate” and be joyful over the demise of 55+ million babies and the emotional impact abortion has on women.  I can’t even imagine the uproar that would be heard if someone celebrated the death of just one unwanted animal.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.


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  • Tricia

    I think that is the creepiest, most disgusting thing I have ever seen. May God have mercy on America, although we sure don’t deserve it!

  • Ron F

    I have no idea who produced the video but I doubt very many people will see it. I agree that there is very little common ground on the abortion debate. On the other hand, I undestand the proponents celebrating Roe v. Wade. They see it as an issue of freedom. We see it as an issue of killing unborn babies. Probably the vast majority of the proponents do not consider abortion murder because they do not think of the unborn as people. Welcome back.

  • RandyM

    Welcome back, Leona! You have been missed.

  • Welcome back, Leona.
    I thought I have seen it all. So liberals do celebrate all kinds of things, including death. That’s so ghoulishly disgusting.

  • And another thing: did it ever occur to these pro-choice backs the irony of it all – that it was Margaret Sanger, founding mama of Planned Parenthood, who pushed abortion for blacks as a way of decimating their number? This actor probably didn’t know that.

  • chief98110

    I have a one word comment, putrid.

  • Well said. How does one morally justify the celebration of the painful, deliberate killing of 55.8 million innocent human lives? They claim that the unborn are not human until they’re born. What difference does an 8 inch trip down the birth canal make between being human or not human? I’ll never understand the pro-abortion logic. When we live in culture that is more interested in pursuing “happiness” (self gratification) than truth, this is what we get.