PHOTO Adam+LanzaThe sun hadn’t set December 14th, and the left was already screaming for gun control.  It seems that every time a tragedy hits, the left’s knee-jerk reaction is more gun control.  I often wonder how these people function in the world without having any common sense – they haven’t yet figured out you can’t legislate behavior.

The only way to describe the horrific events on that day perpetrated on the small community of Sandy Hook, Connecticut by Adam Lanza is “evil.”  Period.  And, if you don’t believe evil exists, sit down with me for a couple of hours and I’ll tell you about my 20+ years in dependency court dealing with parents who abuse and neglect their own children.  The kind of behavior I’ve seen would give you nightmares.  So, if you don’t think the killing of tiny children is evil, think again.

But getting back to the issue of gun control.  I heard Sen. Dianne Feinstein intends to introduce new gun control legislation next year.  She’s the last person I’d listen to when it comes to crime prevention.  This is the same idiot who, when she was mayor of San Francisco, revealed vital information to the press about the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, angering her local and Los Angeles Police Departments.  During one of her press conferences, she displayed the model of Avia shoes Ramirez had been wearing to each of his murder scenes.  After he saw the press conference, it was reported he threw the shoes off the Golden Gate Bridge, went back to Los Angeles and killed again.  And she went on to be Senator and re-elected over and over since 1992.  I don’t get the people of California (for a number of reasons).

But, Sen. Feinstein’s pledge “to do something” is the same blah, blah, blah we heard from the left after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, and Aurora.  What the Senator and many don’t get is that evil behavior started with a man named Cain and will continue no matter what laws are put in place.  Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 people, mostly teens, in Norway in 2011.  (He killed an additional 8 people with a bomb.)  And yet, Norway has very strict gun control laws.  In 1996, Martin Bryant, killed 35 people in Australia; that same year, Thomas Hamilton, killed 16 kindergarten children and their teacher in Scotland; in 2002, Robert Steinhaeuser killed 13 teachers and two former classmates in Germany;  in 2008, Matt Saari, killed 10 people and burned their bodies in Finland.  I’m sure these countries have far stricter gun control laws that we have in this country.

What the left doesn’t seem to get is that our Constitution gives us – the people – the right to defend ourselves.  I don’t believe that chipping away at that right — by banning so-called assault weapons (which were banned in 1994, by the way) — will solve the problem.  What you’ll have are law-abiding citizens without them and criminals with them.  Because that’s what criminals do – they commit crimes and if having a weapon is a crime, they don’t care and would still have them.

Every time I hear the left screaming for gun control, I ask myself, where were they when O.J. Simpson knifed his ex-wife and Ron Goldman to death?  (Yes, O.J. Simpson killed Nicole and Ron and when someone else is convicted of those crimes, I’ll be very happy to send a heart-felt “I’m sorry” card to O.J. in his Nevada prison cell.)  I didn’t hear anyone screaming to ban knives.  Or how about when we read about an entire family being wiped out because of a drunk driver?  Does anyone advocate to stop manufacturing cars?  (The unions would have a lot to say about that.)  Does anyone yell to ban alcohol?  (We tried it and it didn’t work, remember?  The bad guys were still making the stuff.)  And how about when someone is killed, like the pedestrian in Vancouver, WA, by a jerk under the influence of marijuana?  No one is demanding the repeal of our recently-passed law legalizing this crap; instead the “Weed Blog” is actually blaming the pedestrian for not walking in a crosswalk and not carrying a flashlight.  The writer would prefer to “chalk it up to natural selection.”

I think if more states allowed people concealed weapon permits, we’d have fewer incidents like the one in Sandy Hook, or, at least, fewer deaths.  I’m not advocating that anyone, including teachers, be forced to carry weapons.  I’m saying if there were more average, law-abiding citizens, with valid CWPs, present in schools, at theatres or walking down the street, I believe these massacres could’ve been mitigated.

And for those who don’t like the idea of having armed security guards in school, please think again.  We’re past the age of innocence.  When I was a kid, 7 or 8 years old, I’d go outside and play with my friends all day until my mother yelled out the window for me to come home for supper.  I doubt this happens much anymore, especially in the cities.  Why, because we living in a very different time.  Now, parents arrange “play dates” for their children in a controlled environment.  As a society, we have to re-think about a lot of things, especially the protection of our children, and make sure the “good guys” are in control of the school environment. 

As far as I’m concerned, more gun control will only take weapons out of the hands of law-abiding citizens – it will not keep evil at bay.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you. 










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  • RandyM

    So true, Leona. So true.

    I believe the NRA agrees with you:


  • chief98110

    Morons like Senator Feinstein and others use these tragic events to promote their own agenda. They don’t seem to understand that you can’t legislate morals and decency. If they really believed they could legislate them they could start by working on real problems such as the flood of criminal illegal aliens entering our country. Daily.

  • Ron F

    I agree that we do not need new gun control laws. Nevertheless, I am not sure it is a knee jerk reaction by the left. I recognize the limits of the second amendment and whether stricter gun control laws would make us safer are subject to debate. I may disagree with them but I don’t think the position is a knee jerk reaction. I think the assault weapons ban expired and legislation Senator Feinstein is sponsoring is to reintroduce the assault weapons ban. In addition, we do have drunk drivers and car accidents but I do not think we should do away with traffic safety laws. I understand that there are murders with guns in countries with strict gun control laws but maybe there would be more without the laws. I agree that there is evil which is the ultimate problem and there is no law that will prevent it but it is possible that laws could make it less dangerous. My problem is that I do not want to see the second amendment infringed upon in the name of safety.

  • sgtstriker

    Actually, on this subject it seems that you do get it…
    Although it does make sense to say that the general public should not own machine guns, shoulder fired rockets, and tanks, there is logic in suggesting that citizens should certainly be able to own whatever weapons you find in a local police car or on the local police officer. If the local police believe that they need those weapons to protect you from the common criminals then obviously you should be able to defend yourself with those same weapons. The police are typically reactionary, meaning they get there after the crime has been committed. We the people should have the same weapons available to defend ourselves and our families when the police are not present at our homes.

  • dante

    Fast forward 3 years- I think it’s time everyone goes back and looks into the entire Sandy Hook event. There was a college professor in Florida who was spotlighted on CNN a couple of years back. Anderson Cooper was noticeably irate when he said his introduction on the man he was about to be ‘outing’ as one of those ‘far-out nuts in that conspiracy theory realm who probably wear tinfoil hats & the like”- (personally, that tinfoil hat comment is always one that puzzled me, like- for what wild reason has anyone ever done that? HAS anyone ever done that?? moving on…) Cooper states, “And here he is!” (they show a picture of the man) “He is a college professor in Florida who teaches a class on the Media. And this man actually has stated in his class & on his personal blog that Sandy Hook was not a real event & that no children, adults, or anyone at all- was murdered that day in Newtown, CT. He goes on to state that- (I’ll loosely quote what I remember) “The media in this country have been shown taking advantage of people politically & also by glorifying the gunmen in these unfortunate events. As they have a long history of making serial killers into celebrities, even putting the Columbine mass shooters on the cover of Time Magazine.” But here’s what really got Cooper on this inquisitive expose’ of the Florida prof. “But this time, with these events which supposedly took place in Newtown- where we were told 26 (27?) small children & (several?) adults were murdered by one “Adam Lanza”….Well, we’ve done our research into the whole incident and it looks like this time the media has taken advantage of our emotions…It looks as though this time- we’ve been duped.” He essentially said that he & his students found the conclusion on that case that the whole thing was a drill- which was scheduled to go on in Newtown on that day (if you look to- I’m not sure exactly, either a Homeland Security-run website or FBI-run site in a project called “Agenda 21” was in fact, there on that day running a drill. Now, I’ve watched tons of videos such as interviews with important figures from that day. People such as Dr Carver, Medical Examiner & Coroner- who acted very, very strangely on camera when he was being asked about the bodies, death toll, weapon, etc. Just normal routine questions that are asked when something horrific like this occurs. He final statement was this, as he giggled nervously, “I uh, just hope that uh, later this whole thing does not come down on us, the people of Newtown’s head.”- Which I was watching casually, with a bit of suspicious curiosity- until I heard him say that statement. Which then had me obsessed. I watched hours of videos on this incident. And I can only advise people to do the same. ‘Cause something is not right with this entire ordeal. -Oh and that Florida professor- he has since been fired from his position at the Fla College which had employed him. -Anderson Cooper’s mission was accomplished. (If you have 3 hours spare one day, google “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”- It’s not just teens making some conspiracy video. It’s journalists & personal researchers who did what they could to try & find out answers to the questions those authorities were making them so puzzled about- and they do quite an admirable job. All the while keeping their identities hidden. (A sad day in America when researchers have to cover their faces when researching something which no one should be afraid of what they might find & talk about)