Right after President Obama was sworn in as President of the United States, I installed a countdown clock on my computer and have, for the past 3+ years, watched year by year go by, month by month, day by day, counting down to just eleven more hours to Election Day 2012!

I’m praying I don’t have to start another countdown clock to January 20, 2017 on Wednesday morning.

It still amazes me to read that there are folks who are still undecided.  I really don’t recall a more clear cut election than what we’re facing tomorrow.

It’s a choice between a President, with no previous governing experience, whose policies reflect his belief that government is the answer to everyone’s problems; a President who believes in big spending, entitlements and dependency on the government; a President who promised to cut the deficit in half; a President who said he’d get the unemployment problem under control; a President who thought President Bush’s spending was out-of-control ($4 trillion in 8 years) yet increased our debt by $5 trillion in just 4 years; a President who believes income redistribution will solve the problems of the country; and a President who believes in punishing the successful;


a man who was Governor of Massachusetts and a successful businessman who believes in the individual; a man who believes that it is the role of the private sector to create jobs and not the government’s role; a man who believes that we can’t tax our way out of the financial mess we’re in; a man who believes we need to cut spending; and a man who will decide whether a program is worth keeping if it means borrowing more money from China.

As President Reagan said, government is not the solution; government is the problem.  The choices could not be any clearer in tomorrow’s election.

  • RandyM

    I also pray you don’t have to restart that countdown clock.

  • Mike

    Well said! I am nervous, but hopeful for tomorrow!

  • Ron F

    I think the deficit under George Bush was $5.7 million and spending was out of control;. Frankly, I think spending has been out of control under most administrations and that under most administrations the federal government takes on activities not authorized by the Constitution. In addition, when he left office the country was losing something like 700,000 jobs a month. I am voting for Governor Romney but I can understand people being undecided. President Obama may not have had any experience four years ago but he has four years of experience now. My guess is that the deficit will be less under Governor Romney than it would be under President Obama but I have no way of knowing for sure. What will Congress be like and what will it do. I do not recall Governor Romney stating what specific programs he will eliminate and what specific spending he will cut. When he was governor, he relied on the federal government to help fund the health care plan. When he ran the Olympics, he also relied on the federal government for funding. I am voting for him because I think he will do a better job the President Obama with respect to picking judges and justices for the Judicial branch and will have less cumbersome regulations.

  • LeonaSalazar

    During the debates, Gov. Romney said, when deciding what programs/spending to cut, he would consider whether it was worth borrowing more money from China.

  • chief98110

    What is crystal clear to me is Obama’s insane idea that the “rich” should pay a little more and that will solve all our woes. If you murdered ever billionaire in America and took all their money you would only solve a tiny fraction of our problematic national debt. My sense is that Democrats would just use the money to create more government sponsered entitlement programs in their effort to increase their voter base. No where do I hear this socialist president talk about real spending cuts, he only talks about investing in the future. That of course is code for more taxes and spending.

  • Ron F

    I think a Presidential candidate should already know what programs are worth borrowing more money from China and which programs are authorized by Article 3 of the Constitution. For example, i would eliminate the Department of Education. I think that is a state function. In addition, I think the real question is whether an expenditure is worth sadlling future generations with the debt. My guess is that Governor Romney will be better than President Obama on the deficit but it is only a guess. I am fairly comftorable that he will be better on regulations and judicial appointments so voting for him is an easy choice for me but I can understand why it is not so clear for others. Other people may not have the same confidence level because of previous changes of position by Governor Romney.

  • Ron F.

    Chief, I think he said that it would be a combination of increased taxes and spending cuts. With the debt that has been run up in the last two administrations, and with the debt we will incur in the next 4 years under either administration, I do not believe it is possible to bring the deficit under control without a combination of spending cuts and tax increases and am a little skeptical of any politician who thinks the deficit can be brought under control with just spending cuts. In four years, the known debt will be about $20 million. If interest rises to just 4%, the yearly interest on the debt will be $800 billion. The Federal Reserve cannot continue to print money at a rate that will keep interest rates at these historically low rates. In addition, we forget that when Congress rejected a stimulus program of something like $600 billion the Federal Reserve did it with one of its quatitative easement programs nullifying Congress. Finally, President Obama is not the first politician to refer to expenditures as investments. Recently, the George W. Bush Presidential Center that the United States Government is continuing an investment in MEPI, a program started during his administration in 2002.