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So, What is Racism?

So, according to an article I just read, Samuel L. Jackson voted for Barack Obama because he was black.   In Jackson’s words, “Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them.” Okay, so let me get this straight.  Jackson votes for Obama because he’s black but Jackson’s not […]

Victoria’s Secret Model Quits

Kylie Bisutti, a Victoria’s Secret model, quit her job because of her faith and her belief that her body is for her husband. What a novel idea!  She’s probably not old enough to remember the word “modesty” but that’s exactly what she’s talking about and I commend her.  I hope we see more of this […]

Down the Drain

My “favorite” government entity is the National Institutes of Health and its never-ending creativity when it comes to wasting the taxpayers’ money. It’s no surprise that cocaine use is linked to increased risky sexual behavior.  So, why is the NIH still wanting to study the correlation between the two?  Hell if I know.  But they […]

I See Dumb People

And I also see some dumb ideas.  Take for example the use of “green” waterless urinals at a high school in Boca Raton, Florida. The school installed these useless urinals in order to save $100 a year per urinal and will end up paying $500,000 to fix the problem. “School officials at Spanish River High […]


It’s astounding to me that some people think that way.  Heck, Media Matters exists just to pick apart every word, phrase, sentence that is uttered on Fox News. First, let me say that I watch the O’Reilly Factor regularly.  I love Bill and I don’t get why anyone doesn’t like him.  Maybe he’s an acquired […]

Happy 101st Birthday, President Ronald Reagan!

Only Some of Us Have to Pay Our Fair Share

I thought it was outrageous when Timothy Geithner hadn’t paid his taxes and coughed up $42,000 before being confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury, but there are plenty more like him currently in the Obama Administration. I’m sure there have always been those who try to get away with not paying their taxes, but it’s […]

Mitt Romney: Why Does the Left Care So Much?

I’ve read plenty about Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion.  What I don’t get is the tirade, particularly from the left, about his “flip-flopping” on the issue. Now, I can understand a conservative’s concern about a candidate’s position because, if you’re like me, abortion is a big issue.  But if, at some point, a candidate, whoever […]


I like flying and do it a lot.  I also think flight attendants have a difficult job and their resume should read “being nice to stupid people.”   I wouldn’t want to be a flight attendant but one of my fantasy jobs would be getting people on board the aircraft.  Once they’re on and settled in, […]

Down the Drain

I know, I know.  What’s another couple of million dollars in the scheme of things.  It’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to our $15 trillion debt.  But that’s not the point.   Drops make a difference and why spend ANY money on useless programs or projects that don’t have anything to do […]